Pension Plans

  1. We promise you income will continue life time for your golden years.
  2. With-pension independent lifestyle for yourself and your spouse when you decide to retire.
  3. Give a gift to your grandchildren from your own pocket.

Car Insurance

We know how much you love your car. We also understand how a sudden financial obligation can totally derail all your plans. But there is more. An accident may result in you or a loved one getting hurt. What if you caused damage to another vehicle and are Auto_Insuranceheld liable to compensate for this? What if the accident caused injury to someone else? With these thoughts, we have introduced some of the best options in car insurance. You can choose a cover that it best suited to you and your vehicle.

Car Insurance Policy makes sure that you do not have to worry about the finances required to repair your vehicle, to seek good treatment and to pay for any third party liability.

Medical Insurance

Health Insurance also known as Mediclaim Policy in India cover you and your family from medical expenses during Health-Insurancesudden illness, surgeries and accidents including room charges, doctor's fees, medicines, tests etc. that may arise in future.

Home Insurance

Our home is probably the most expensive and most precious belonging which we have. We spend considerable amount of time and money planning to buy one and then making it into a "home". Also, it is usually a once in a life time option for most of us and surely we want to ensure that our asset if completely secure. We may not be able to afford a second home or even have the resourcegeneral_insurances to rebuild our existing home in case of any loss.

That's where home insurance can be a very useful instrument to safeguard our belongings. Our home, its content and other risks associated with it can be made completely secure with a good home insurance policy. In case of any eventuality, we can be fully assured that the financial loss would be taken care of.

If you are already an Esteemed LIC Policy Holder, you can enjoy following services free of cost.

  • Making sure that original LIC policy document is in your possession.
  • Transfer policy records to nearest branch office.
  • Help in change of address.
  • Revival of lapsed policies.
  • Activation of ECS mode of payment for premiums.
  • New plans thoroughly explained with details.
  • Clarification of all doubts